The Government of the Republic of Nauru

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Quarantine Division


The Quarantine Division (the Division) (formerly known as the 'Quarantine') is the Division that is responsible for protecting Nauru borders from the entry and spread as well as multiplication of pests and disease-causing organisms. Furthermore, it is the first line of defense in the border protection system for Nauru against the incursion of alien species that could prove detrimental to the environment and potentially cause endangerment of natural plant and animal species. 


The Division is divided into 2 subdivisions which are:

  1. Trade/Airport Operations ; and
  2. Seaport operations.


The Division oversees incoming cargoes both at the seaport and airport providing conditions, requirements and procedures to ensure the safe movement of plants and animals into  Nauru.


For the past year, the Division has not confiscated any food or food products but seized them at the borders and handed over to Health inspector for further action. The Division seized 160 Bamboo poles which were disposed by burning as bamboo is prohibited in Nauru.


For the past year, 12 traps were used at different locations in Buada District. 3 types of lures were used: Trimed Lure, ME Lure and CUE Lure. Traps are collected every 2 weeks. Some traps were damaged or a person may have moved or emptied the traps which would have resulted in the number of flies trapped.


Type of Fly Number of Flied Collected
B Cucurbita Melon Fly 1860
B Fraunfeld Mango Fly 37,358
Bactocera xanthodes Pacific Fly 115


The Yellow Crazy Ant Project consisted of dissemination of public awareness materials such as brochures and information sheets throughout the communities. The Project was aimed at assisting the Division to monitor the dangerous species to which none has yet been found on Nauru.


Due to current travel restrictions that have been imposed during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, certain international workshops such as the Pest Diagnostics Workshop was postponed to a later date. Despite the set back, a virtual introduction of participants was conducted allowing a forum for quarantine officers to exchange thoughts and ideas on the subject.



Our Team


Position Name
Director of Quarantine Sheba Deireragea
Principal Quarantine Officer Amy Tsitsi
Senior Quarantine Officer Tremaine Dick
Quarantine Officer Kazna Benjamin,
Pat Cook,
Kane Akubor,
Link Uera,
Normal Cook,
Wilkes Deiye,
Zac Detenama,
Kyle Bretch
Clerical Officer Simon Khazimen





  • Ensure safe imprt and export that does not alter the Nauru environment or harm the livelihood of the people of Nauru.





Protecting the people from pests and diseases. 



Strategic Plan Priority Area 4: Cost Cutting Sectors


Cross-Goal 2

Strengthen Parliament, audit, justice, law, order and border control.


Cross-Goal 7

Sustainable use and management of the environment and natural resources for present and future generations.





Maintaining a COVID free Nauru


Nauru Quarantine collaborates with other border protection agencies in border management. The interactive efforts between these instrumentalities has become more than essential during these times of the Corona-virus (COVID-19) pandemic.


The Section faces many challenges especially when taking precautions to disinfect incoming cargoes, shipping barges and equipment for the safety of Nauru. In being vital front-liners in the COVID-19 'Capture and Contain' movement, the Section has played its part in keeping Nauru COVID free.


Increase in Revenue


Seaport and airport activity has been hectic with the arrival of cargo ships and freighter flights. Along with the reinforcement of dog licencing under the Dog Management and Control Act 2017, revenue was boosted to a total of AUD83,900.


Capacity Building


Earlier in 2021 the Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment facilitated a Food Safety Workshop especially for quarantine officers on understanding food preparation and living a healthy lifestyle.

It is significant to note that four (4) officers are enrolling in Foundation for Agricultural Science at the University of the South Pacific.



Way Forward


With the burden of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Quarantine Division will continue to strive in safeguarding our borders from disease-causing organisms and pests by:

  1. Undertaking tasks and expected responsibilities as active members of the COVID-19 Taskforce.
  2. Secure more training for the capacity building of personnel to further improve the performance and outcome of the Quarantine Division.
  3. To target a budget execution rate of ore than 90% as a key indicator of maximum implementation of budgeted work plans.