The Government of the Republic of Nauru

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Office of the Secretary for Justice and Border Control


The Office of the Secretary for Justice and Border Control (JBC Secretariat) as the main office is the engine room of the whole Department. This is where:

  1. the instructions, decisions, recommendations and requests of the Secretary are disseminated from;
  2. Sections of DJBC submit action and budget proposals; 
  3. the final endorsement for any proposed activity that is to occur within the Department is attained; and 
  4. the finance and administration of the Department is centered.


The JBC Secretariat has supported the smooth running of all Sections under DJBC by ensuring that:

  1. resources to assist effective work performance are available and in full supply;
  2. all key positions are advertised and filled; 
  3. leave credits are readily available for employees to plan and apply for the types of leave available to them; and 
  4. the financial status of JBC is able to accommodate work that needs to be executed. 


An amount of AUD5,443,439 has been secured as the DJBC budget for the fiscal year July 2021 to June 2022. This enables the DJBC Sections to implement work plans efficiently with the sufficient availability of approved funding.


The budget execution rate for the whole of the Department for the financial period 2020 to 2021 was 100 %.


During the reporting period, there have been several positions filled in the Department ensuring a full and stable provision of justice and border control services to the public. The renewal and / or replacement of office equipment such as desktops, office desks, chairs as well as restocking of stationery ensures that the staff are working under optimal conditions with the necessary resources to achieve the best results.



Our Team



Position Name
Secretary for Justice & Border Control Jay Udit
Senior Personal Assistant Blossom Tsiode
Director Finance & Administration Angelina Itsimaera
Assistant Director Finance & Administration Letima Adire
Clerical Officer VACANT



  • Manage logistics, procurement and maintain asset control.
  • Ensure full capacity of human resources within the department.





Without administration there is no control. Without funds, action is limited.




Strategic Plan Priority Area 4: Cost Cutting Sectors


Cross-Goal 1

Strengthen and develop the institutional capacity of the Nauru Public Service


Cross-Goal 2

Strengthen Parliament, audit, justice, law, order and border control.





Capacity Building

Knowledge building and upskilling is one of the highest priorities of JBC to complement institutional strengthening and ensure that the services provided are efficient and consistent.


  • In November 2020, Letima Adire and Lisa-Marie Solomon commenced a one year Professional Diploma in Business Management course at the University of the South Pacific . Lisa-Marie has attained a Certificate in Justice. 
  • In July 2020, Marilyn Deireragea completed her UU100 unit at the University of the South Pacific. 
  • In January 2021, Surely Kamtaura completed her legal professional studies at the University of Waikato (online). 
  • In January 2021, Lisa-Marie Solomon, Lisi Tsiode, Febony Detenamo, Kosak Kosam, Katherine Belong, Taesha Aliklik and Regina Deidenang commenced their studies in the Pleaders Course 2021 to 2022. 
  • In February 2021, Marilyn Deireragea commenced her UU114 unit at the University of the South Pacific which she will complete in July 2021. 
  • In April 2021, Deborah Togoran commenced her 5 year LLB course at the University of the South Pacific. 
  • In June 2021, Francilia Akubor graduated with a Professional Diploma in Legislative Drafting from the University of the South Pacific. 
  • In January 2021, Jeruska Togoran was awarded an Australia Scholarship Awards to study law (LLB Degree) in Australia.


Restructuring of the Department

DJBC has undergone an overall restructure which saw the reclassification of 79 positions and reorganisation and creation of 17 Sections. This restructuring has ensured more employment opportunities for any person interested to work in the services provided for in the justice system and border control as well as created a career path for capacity building and professional development. Furthermore, the restructure will enhance performance and productivity in that the roles and expectations of officers have become uniformed and straightforward.



Way Forward

  • The JBC Secretariat faces many administrative challenges having 17 Sections to manage and oversee. However, restructuring was the first step to solving the problem so that it is easier to monitor and evaluate the progress of the Department as a whole.
  • It is envisaged that policy reform will gradually take place to positively facilitate and support the maintenance of staff attendance rate which currently is at 85% on average.
  • The Secretariat anticipates a monitoring and evaluation system that will increase productivity of services provided by each Section. Currently, every head of Section are required to submit weekly reports on the progress of the specific work plans that were presented at the beginning of the year.