The Government of the Republic of Nauru

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Speech By Secretary for Justice & Border Control


Honourable Speaker

Honourable Minister for Justice

Honourable Chief Justice

Honourable Justice Khan


Resident Magistrate

President of the Law Society

Members of the Bar

Distinguished guests

Staff of the Department of Justice


A very good afternoon to all of you. I am very pleased to welcome you all to this small function to launch the Revised Written Laws of Nauru. TheRevised Written Laws Act 2021comes into effect today and could not be a better day to hold this event.


You have all received a programme for today and each speaker has something to say on the project. As the Secretary for Justice and also being given the responsibility for this project, I have my bit to share with you today. I am no stranger to law reform and law revision projects. I have been part of this back in my home country. However, the dreams were never achieved. Today, I am delighted to see in my legal career that a dream project such as the law revision and consolidation of a country has been completed.


Ladies and gentlemen, we share the fruits of our work with the legal fraternity and the people of Nauru at large. Heading a project of this nature and with the diversity of people, was indeed an experience for me. COVID-19 obstacles did not deter the spirit and determination of my dedicated team of staff. I saw a resurgence of energy and vitality in all the staff. The Nauruan staff sacrificed their family time, the meals and not forgetting their small children to ensure that the project was completed. Thanks to virtual technology and also Microsoft for having text to speech readers with the famous recorded voices of Susan and Zira which saved me from changing my glasses. Nevertheless, the Department of Justice is a great believer in delivering its services with our motto,'Serving the Republic with care and pride'.


I must apologise for being very harsh and aggressive from time to time with all those people involved. Please, accept that as part of your bonus pay because your product is on display today and I am sure you work acknowledgment will remain in the books for many years to come. A memory to be treasured even when expatriate staff will leave Nauru. Your legacy is left forever in Nauru. For the young Nauruan staff, your experience in the project is not only acknowledged but you will be continuing the project on regular updating and improving on it. I assure you that I will not be there so be at peace.


To the Law Revision Commissioner and LexisNexis team, after the completion of the project, I certainly found a boring lull period for every hour on a Monday afternoon from 4pm to 5pm. The charismatic face of Katherine Pearson, ever encouraging jovial face of Jennifer Williams and ever asking for administrative and financial details, Myfanwy Wallwork and always the behind the blocked video of Adele Mcatee, are all memories hidden in these books. The subparagraphs, the commas, conjunctions, alignments, fullstops, page numbers, the crest, captions, and so forth, no doubt will become a template for future law revision projects. You were all great. LexisNexis, your print quality and final product stood to the standard which was promised.


Members of the legal fraternity, I came here in 2015 and I remember talking to Mr Vinci Clodumar and other senior legal practitioners that we need to do something about our laws scattered all over the place. This is a small beginning. Please bear with us if there are some oversights or errors generally. The team at LexisNexis are ready to help us correct it. However, this creates a foundation for us to now build upon. Law reporting of judgments is essential and with the revised written laws, annotations will be the icing on the cake. A vision I leave to the next generation of legal practitioners to take on. I thank you all for your cooperation and please feel free to discuss any issues you may have with this with my staff.


Honourable Minister for Justice was the pillar of strength for this project. The Minister and I had a vision for this project and today, it has been delivered. Minister, thank you very much for standing with, by and for us in Cabinet and also in Parliament. This is your milestone and legacy to the legal fraternity and people of Nauru.


Last but not the least, I thank the Government of Australia for its assistance which I will leave to the Honourable Minister to address.


Again, thank you very much for your attention and I hand over to the Master of Ceremony for the continuation of the programme.