The Government of the Republic of Nauru

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Speech By Minister for Justice & Border Control



Honourable Speaker

Honourable Chief Justice

Honourable Justice Khan


Resident Magistrate

President of the Law Society

Secretary for Justice

Members of the Bar

Distinguished guests

Staff of the Department of Justice


Mo yekwo and good afternoon to you all.


I am pleased to be part of this programme for the launching of the Revised Written Laws of the Republic of Nauru which comes into effect from today. I have heard other speakers and also the Law Revision Commissioner on this subject. When I became the Minister in 2019, I made it a priority to ensure that the much-awaited law revision and consolidation project be undertaken with despatch. I was fully aware of the mammoth task that lay ahead of those responsible for doing this. I had initially met the staff of the LexisNexis team when I was working as a Pleader in the Department of Justice and heard them talk about the process for the work to be undertaken.


Ladies and gentlemen, the law books are printed and are displayed before you. It is a task which has been completed through the support of the Cabinet. Furthermore, I would also like to show my appreciation to all the Members of Parliament for their forbearance and patience when on one occasion, I had to move more than 12 Bills in one sitting of the Parliament largely to do with this project.  All those Bills got passed with the unanimous support of the Parliament.


Turning to the law revision and consolidation team. The Secretary for Justice with his busy schedule was tasked to ensure that this project is completed. His dedicated and committed team of staff spent nights and weekends to finish this project. I am told the drafts have been read over and revised almost 7 times. The most encouraging part of the project was the involvement of local Nauruan staff. The young Pleaders and new graduate lawyers played a fundamental role throughout the project. The support staff provided all administrative and financial support during the project. I thank them all for their devotion to improving accessibility of laws to the people of Nauru.


I also acknowledge the commitment of the team from LexisNexis in Australia. Katherine Pearson was the Commissioner who started the work. She left the project after the first round of revision and consolidation. However, the committed team from LexisNexis comprising Jennifer Williams, Myfanwy Wallwork and Adele Mcatee stood by until the final product before you. Jennifer Williams as you have heard her, became the Commissioner and is still the Commissioner. I am indeed very grateful for LexisNexis for continuing with the project despite the pandemic. All the revision and consolidation work has been undertaken virtually. That is a milestone itself. I am told that LexisNexis staff have also worked in isolation from their homes when New South Wales was locked down for a substantial period of time. Your dedication and commitment to complete the project no doubt is greatly appreciated by the Government and all the people of Nauru. The quality of the product from LexisNexis is before us and I can add no more.


I would like to make a special acknowledgment for the contribution of His Excellency the President in assisting the team with the cover design and artwork. Every effort has been made to ensure that our crest and Nauru colours are maintained.


Lastly, I would like to thank the Government of Australia for funding the project. I have received the law books as a gift from the Acting High Commissioner of Australia last week Friday. During the gifting process, I highlighted the bilateral relationship between Australia and Nauru. Australia's involvement in the Department of Justice for improving the law and justice sector is warmly welcomed. The Government of Nauru and my department in particular look forward to working with Australia in other meaningful projects for the betterment of the people and the Republic at large.


With these words, I thank everybody for being present today to witness this great achievement.


Without further ado, I now launch the Revised Written Laws of Nauru.