The Government of the Republic of Nauru

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Immigration Division


The Immigration Division is a vital front line agent in protecting our sovereign borders especially during this exceptional circumstance of the COVID-19 pandemic. Strict safety protocols are adamantly adhered to by all immigration officers.


In thoroughly reviewing documents for visa applications Nauru Immigration have processed and issued 1135 numbers of visas to foreign nationals. Business related visas make up for 85% of the visa applications which is 961.


The Division has received commendations on the significant improvement on reducing delays in visa issuance and swift action for the processing of urgent visa requests from the Regional Processing Centre and Australian Border Force during critical situations.


Detailed screening of 1389 incoming and 1130 out going passengers to and from Nauru has been conducted by verifying travel related documents.


The Section facilitates constant review and audit of visa statuses of foreign nationals in Nauru to ensure compliance with visa regulations. In doing so:

  1. 36 number of visas have been rectified in a timely manner; and
  2. 36 numbers of over stayers have been identified to which no penalties were imposed as they are unable to travel back to their countries of origin due to the pandemic. Instead their visa have been converted to COVID Visas.


The restructure of the Division verified the reclassification of positions to allow for promotion of officers who have served  at their posts for a very long time. This opens up vacancies at the Division allowing for employment opportunities to any person interested in working in the field of border control.


As front line agents during the pandemic, the Immigration Division is constantly updating its protocols and procedures to ensure that Nauru is protected from and prepared for the entry of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


The Immigration Division continues to perform its duties diligently under its strict legal mandates provided for in the Immigration Act 2014



Our Team


Position Name
Director of Immigration Rajeev Kheerthiyal
Assistant Director of Immigration Vacant
RPC Visa Manager Bronnia Detageouwa
Senior Immigration Officer Darlene Dabana
Visa & Immigration Officer Barry Deireragea
Elvin Bretchefed
Kane Tamakin
Whitney Botelanga
Immigration Officer Jaziel Jeremiah
Greg Garoa
Starington Dowabobo
Ideana Atto
Stanton Dame
Amuson Bernicke
Clerical Officer Vacant






  • Protect Nauru's sovereign borders and its national security
  • Foster regular migration





Keepint our borders safe. 



Strategic Plan Priority Area 1 & 4: Economic/ Cost Cutting Sectors


Cross-Goal 2

Strengthen Parliament, audit, justice, law, order and border control.


Econ-Goal 6

Promote development of small-scale sustainable eco-tourism.





Passport Scanning System


The Immigration Division has commenced rolling out the Passport Scanning System. The protocols have successfully been integrated into the border control procedures of the Division and is entering its final stage of testing.


The passport scanners arrived earlier this year  and the immigration officers are being trained on how to use the devices.


The passport scanning system will be a much faster process compared to manual data entry. It will strengthen border control security measures and enhance the efficacy of incoming and outgoing passenger processes. 


It is anticipated that the passport scanners will be in full use by the Immigration Division by the end of June 2021.


Front liners of 'Capture and Contain'


As the first point of contact with arriving passengers in Nauru, the Immigration Division officers are faced with enormous risks of contracting COVID-19. Therefore, the officers are always vigilant in carrying out their duties when processing incoming passengers by ensuring that they are fully clothed in the standard required protective garments. Essential training and briefings are constantly conducted for the Immigration officers so that they are not complacent in fulfilling their tasks and remain free of COVID-19.



Way Forward


  • One of the main challenges is the delay in implementing the passport scanning system due to dependency o other stakeholders like ICT and DCA; and passenger screening during COVID19 crisis and ensuring safety of officers. Due to change in management in the ICT Department in September 2019, the passport scanner implementation project was delayed and the team took the initiative to closely work with the ICT team to complete the project in terms of setting up the required severs and network connection for the immigration booths.
  • The Immigration Division continues to make progress on making immigration movement, maintaining the integrity of data and its accessibility to relevant Government agencies such as the Nauru Police Force as part of a coordinated approach to border security. The officers of the Division are committed to providing better quality services and ensuring border security.