The Government of the Republic of Nauru

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Dog Management & Control Unit


The Dog Management and Control Unit was established on 14 May 2021 [refer Gazette Notice dated 24 May 2021]. Although the Dog Management and Control Act 2017 has been  in existence for 4 years, its implementation has greatly improved with the appointment of a new Director and provision of resources.


Under the coordination of the Director, dog control supervisor and the dog control officer, the Unit works closely with the Correctional Services. Volunteer prisoners are tasked to assist the unit in administering the dog poisons at areas cited as common gathering places for stray or diseased dogs that are unregistered.


The stray dog population has decreased drastically since the operation was re-implemented in mid 2020.


Dog owners were given an opportunity to register their pet dogs at a discounted fee of AUD20 each in September 2020 to enable a maximum number of dog registrations.  This saw the registration of over 500 dogs.


The last number of dog licence that was issued was 943, this will be the number of dogs licenced since we have started using the tags. 


The dog registration fee has gone back to AUD100 per dog and AUD200 for dangerous dogs. 


Capacity building is an essential part of developing the Unit as it is comprised of new officers since its re-establishment and shift to JBC. With the arrival of the dog poison to be used in the management of stray and diseased dogs, the officers have been properly trained to correctly and cautiously administer the poison which is toxic and fatal to dogs but not to humans.


At first, issues arose about placements of the poison where registered dogs had consumed and died from it. The proposal to the Unit to issue public notices regarding where such poisons have been placed has been taken on board. 


However, the Unit has destroyed over 900 dogs during the reporting period.



Our Team


Position Name
Director of Dog Management & Control Unit Vyko Adeang
Dog Control Supervisor Girouv Paulinious Ika 
Dog Control Officer Peter Deireragea,
Jetho Tamakin,
Daniel Tsiode






  • To facilitate the sterilisation of dogs and conduct operations on the eradication of stray and diseased dogs.





 Love your dog? Then license your dog.



Strategic Plan Priority Area 4: Cost Cutting Sectors


Cross-Goal 1

Strengthen Parliament, audit, justice, law, order and border control.





The Dog Management and Control Unit is now a separate section of the Department of Justice and Border Control where previously it was a subdivision of the Quarantine Division.


As a stand alone Section the Unit is allocated with its own budget to execute with the implementation of its work plan. To an extent this avails financial independence to the Unit where the utilisation of its budget is proposed and specifically targeted to its mandates and objectives.


Working with the Community


The Unit has explored ways in engaging the community in the management of stray and diseased dogs as the operation involves the entry of officers onto people's land in order to reach sites where sightings have been reported of large groups of unregistered dogs gather. These are major concerns of the Unit as the groups of dogs pose as a threat to the public if not controlled. However, the Unit has conducted public awareness sessions with the community informing the people that dog management and control is an issue of  safety for the community especially children who have been subject of stray dog attacks during the past decade.



Way Forward


As a way forward for the Dog Management and Control Unit, the following are priorities:

  1. Formulate a contextualised dog control plan that involves the community.
  2. Develop plans to resource community engagement  in the  management of stray dogs.
  3. Develop operational skills for the dog capture and euthanasia of dogs.
  4. Devise a monitoring and evaluation framework to assess the effectiveness of the implemented work plan for the Unit.