The Government of the Republic of Nauru

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Correctional Services


The Nauru Correctional Services is responsible for providing, safe, secure, and humane custodial services, consistent with the international standards' humane rights and cultural values, for any person imprisoned by a Court order.


The Nauru Correctional Services accommodates prisoners in separate facilities of maximum, medium and low risk prisoners including male adults, women and juveniles.  The population in the Correctional Centre revolves around 30 to 40 at any given time.

Prisoners are provided with progressive development programs to address criminal behavioural patterns, and needs to reduce recidivism. The department intends to discipline and prepare prisoners with skills that is needed for a successful reintegration to the wider community upon their release.


During the course of this reporting period, the prisoners who have been released are now interactive members of the community applying the skills they attained from the correctional facility to the betterment of their lives.


On 24 March 2021, all prisoners underwent a general health check-up that was conducted by Nauru Public Health to ensure that such prisoners are within the healthy range according to their levels of blood/sugar, blood pressure and eye sight. HIV status of each person was also tested.


There are limitations on types of rehabilitation programs which can be implemented hence, the following is undertaken:

  1. fishing, which also supplements healthy food at the Centre; and
  2. with the assistance of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Government, the Correctional Centre introduced:
    1. vegetable farming;
    2. poultry farming for eggs; and
    3. piggery farming.

which, supplements and ensures healthier food for the prisoners.


The prisoners keep the cemeteries around the country clean and tidy, cleaning schools, roadsides and other Government buildings. This helps prisoners to go out of the enclosed Centre. The Correctional Centre is also visited routinely by the Resident Magistrate, who is free to receive complaints from prisoners; and health and medical services.


Our Team


Position Name
Chief Correctional Officer Jezza Uepa
Deputy Chief Correctional Officer Vacant
Supervisor Administration Vacant
Supervisor Stores Michael Namaduk
Deputy Chief Correctional Officer (Operations) Max Kamtaura
Supervisor Bruce-lee Adam,
Vitromich Limen
Ringo Tannang,
Rajay Wabeiya
Wisdom Tamang
Jett Demauna
Lincoln Eoaeo
Jasper Uepa,
Jesse Uepa
Mutima Dake
Supervisor Woman Sandy Angabate
Jerusha Mau
Supervisor Juvenile Vacant
Correctional Officer Brammel Teimitsi,
Langitupu Taleka
Conack Maaki
Preslin Aubiat
Barcelona Star
Jester Suburiya
Ibnbabuta Deireragea
Moses Wabeiya

Jaywan Ephraim
Dawson Agege
Ronrico Togagae
Vincent Deireragea
Gaunbwe Fritz

Juvenile Correctional Officer Vacant
Administrative Officer Ikinalla Thoma
Cook Vacant
Medical Officer Vacant





  • To provide safe, secure and human custodial services, consistent with international standards, human rights and cultural values for any person imprisoned by a Court Order.





Rehabilitation the road to reform.



Strategic Plan Priority Area 1 & 4: Cost Cutting Sectors


Cross-Goal 1

Strengthen Parliament, audit, justice, law, order and border control.





On 23 October 2020, 9 Correctional supervisors attended work shop to familiarise response to reducing impact on COVID-19, hosted by the COVID 19 task force at the USP campus.


Fourteen officers have completed a first aide training with Wilson's security at the Regional Processing Centre  which was conducted from 11 December to 20 December 2020.


Thirteen inmates were certified for completing 3 months farming and agricultural skills in chicken and pig raising by the Taiwan Technical Mission team at the Correctional Centre farm followed by a workshop on hot meal preparation 'Well Dinning'.


Seven prisoners along with three Correctional officers commenced their T-Vet training at the T-Vet campus on Certificate 2 - Automotive as part of the Prisoner Rehabilitation  Program of  March 2021.


The Republic intends to bring in education and other skilled based training programs in particular to address the issues of young offenders. The difficulty is due to not having enough skilled or trained people to undertake this education or training program.


While our achievements position the Section well for the future, there are areas requiring operational improvement. The Section's strategy is to deal with difficult issues and situations, learn from them and plan improved practices and processes while at the same time, the Section is committed to educating the prisoners to lessen the statistics of repeat offenders.



Way Forward


Our dedication to excellence will continue. Nauru Correctional Service key future developments include:

  1. Training and capacity building for correctional officers.
  2. To securely and humanely manage people ordered by the Court to serve a community based or prison sanction and to provide them with opportunities to lead law-abiding and productive lives.
  3. Better manage individual case files.
  4. Provide rehabilitations programs and training to inmates to prepare them for their reintegration back to society.
  5. Provide public confident through natural justice proceedings practices.