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Nauru records first two cases of COVID-19 in quarantine


Government Information Office



For Immediate Release

Saturday, 2 April, 2022


Nauru records first two cases of COVID-19 in quarantine


His Excellency President Lionel Aingimea announces first two COVID-19 cases in Nauru detected in quarantine from a passenger flight on 31 March.


The President delivered a public address today, assuring the community that the two cases are safely contained in quarantine and that Nauru remains safe and there is no cause for panic.


Both persons are well and do not have any symptoms and are being cared for by the medical team at the negative pressure COVID Ward at the RON Hospital.


Two other persons are also being quarantined in the COVID Ward. One of them is the spouse of one of the cases and they had travelled together.


The hospital laboratory has detected very, very low levels of virus in this person and the levels appear to be decreasing. The trace amounts of virus material fall below the threshold and is classified as a negative result.


The fourth person had a borderline result yesterday (Friday 1 Apr) and so was also put in isolation at the Acute Ward. This person has tested negative today but will remain under observation for now.


Background detail to the current cases

The two cases both travelled on the same flight from Brisbane to Nauru on Thursday, 31 March.


As with all passengers on this flight, they entered pre-travel Safe Accommodation quarantine in Brisbane on the afternoon of Sunday 27 March. They were all tested three times whilst in pre-travel Safe Accommodation, where they all remained until the transfer to the airport on Thursday.


In fact six other cases were detected earlier in the week and all were removed well before Thursday and none of them travelled to Nauru.


All passengers who did travel to Nauru on the Thursday, 31 March flight tested negative all three times during their pre-travel quarantine.


All passengers were then transported by the Taskforce to the Brisbane International Airport to check-in and undergo usual travel procedures.


The Taskforce believes there was a common exposure contact at Brisbane Airport on Thursday that was the source for the two confirmed cases we have identified.


It is suspected that many of the passengers on the flight were exposed to the same COVID-19 source at Brisbane Airport last Thursday.


Closely monitoring all passengers from that flight and testing of frontline workers

The Taskforce is closely monitoring all other passengers from the flight, who all remain in quarantine at the Budapest Hotel and at Anibare Village.


There will be daily testing of all these passengers and a possible extension of their quarantine period will be considered.


The Taskforce has also taken samples from all frontline workers who worked at the airport on Thursday and were involved in the transport of the passengers.


With effective procedures in place to keep physical distance from passengers and all staff well trained in the use of PPE, we do not expect any of our frontline workers to be infected, but we want to test and make sure.


Hospital access

The RON Hospital has secured the area around the COVID Acute Ward and no entry is allowed through the main gates. The public entry is now via the Emergency Department.


The Hospital will also start triage of persons entering the hospital and will begin COVID checks on persons entering based on symptoms or risk.


These are all precautions and part of the Hospital's COVID response plan to ensure we contain and prevent any spread of the virus.


Staff working in Acute Ward and related workers such as drivers, are being accommodated in quarantine facilities, purely as a precaution and to allay any concerns their families may have.


This situation may change and evolve.


This information is being provided as the current information right now. Further testing is underway and results are yet to come.


Ongoing work

The Government, the Taskforce and our technical experts and health professionals are well on top of this situation, and full attention is accorded the situation.


The President has assured the Taskforce that the Government will provide any resource or support required to ensure a strong response that keeps our community protected.


It is important for the public to be kept informed so we can be smart about what we do and act calmly and sensibly to keep ourselves safe.


Are you fully vaccinated?

Children aged 12-17 years should have two doses. Adults should have two doses, plus the booster shot (three total).


The Pfizer vaccine is available for adult booster shots at Public Health. See your District Health Worker if you need more information.


Preparations and planning

This situation is not unexpected. The Taskforce and Health Department have planned and prepared for this.


For now, the immediate priorities are:

- ensuring all cases are cared for; these are our family and friends;

- we contain the virus in quarantine and ensure no spread to the community; and

- everyone must get their COVID-19 vaccine and make sure they are up to date with all doses.


Wait for official updates and use official sources of information and follow any further instructions that may be issued by Government or the Taskforce.


May God Bless you all.

May God Bless Nauru