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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE by His Excellency President Lionel Aingimea, MP Sunday, 26 June 2022



His Excellency President Lionel Aingimea, MP


Sunday, 26 June 2022


In today's update, His Excellency President Lionel Aingimea says the accumulative statistics as at end of Saturday, 25 June, are as follows:

-             630 new cases

-             2,102 active cases

-             1,587 tests done yesterday (Sat 25 June)

-             7,727 tests done this outbreak

-             7 in the hospital Acute Care Unit (3 new admissions)

-             2 moderate/severe cases (1 adult with underlying illness, 1 child with high fever)

-             0 cases on ventilator

-             All other cases are stable and will be discharged soon


Twenty seven per cent, or approximately 1 in 3 people tested are positive.


The government quarantine transit stations are currently holding 333 people; 222 people are isolating at the Budapest and 111 at the Menen.


The total number of houses around the island that are in lockdown is 195 with 1,737 residents. The government is offering cartons of water, noodles and eggs to these houses in lockdown.


The number of houses that went into lockdown over the week were:

•            29 between 17-20 June

•            65 from 21-22 June

•            135 on 23 June

•            155 on 24 June

•            195 on 25 June


Vaccination for children aged 5 to 11 years commenced yesterday and 351 children received their shots. Vaccination for the group is closed today but will resume tomorrow, from 12 noon.


Get your child vaccinated. There is no harm and there may be benefit to your child if they receive the vaccine and then get COVID soon after.


If your child has already been infected with COVID during this outbreak, you can wait until late September for the first dose and then their second dose three to four weeks later, before the end of October.


Testing stations at Tigers and Blues ovals are open today but Naoero Public Health will be closed today however they continue to do home testing. Call 191 if you need to be tested.


If you have tested positive before, you don't need to be tested again. But you must follow advice from public health and Taskforce on 13 days isolation until you are cleared for 3 days.


Those who have access to Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) please call 192 to register your results.


There have been reports of people who have tested positive but are not isolating and are out in the community. Stay home and isolate as advised.


If you feel unwell, please stay home and complete your  full 13 days isolation, and if you have no symptoms for three days after that then you are good to go back into the community.


Protect the rest of the public by isolating.


Even if you are feeling well, you can still be contagious and pose a risk to others.


These isolation protocols may change and reduce as we go through the outbreak, but for now, all positive cases should still be strictly isolating and not going out at all.


Sitting in the car and wearing a mask doesn't prevent the virus from spreading. Stay home.


If you are a close contact, self-isolate for 2 days and if you have a negative rapid antigen test (RAT) result, you may stop isolation. But keep wearing your mask.


If you develop symptoms (runny nose, coughing) then return to isolation for another two days and get tested.


Services are under pressure and frontline workers are also isolating because they have COVID so there are a limited number of people doing these services.


Please be considerate and understanding of the people working hard to keep these services operating. Limiting demands on these services where possible will help.


We must adhere to the directions of the Taskforce and health - wear a mask, sanitise, stay home, keep your distance.

Report your positive result by calling 192.


Gatherings are not permitted. This includes going to the gym. There is a lot of virus spreading in the community and we need everyone to help slow the spread so we protect the vulnerable.


If you're unable to isolate at home or don't feel safe to do so, you can request to isolate in Quarantine Accommodation where there are health staff and other support available. Call 556 5186 to confirm room availability.


Call 192 to register your positive result. The lines may be busy due to the overwhelming number of calls, however, keep calling and your call will be answered.