The Government of the Republic of Nauru

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Banking Information Seminars in Nauru

The Honourable David Adeang MP, Minister for Finance and Sustainable Development and the Honourable Shadlog Bernicke MP, Minister for the Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust (NPRT), are pleased to announce that following the recent passing of the Ronwan Distribution Act 2013 and the proposed distribution of funds to Beneficiaries, that a series of Banking Information Seminars are planned for Nauru.


The Information Seminars will commence on Saturday 25th January at the Civic Centre and run through until Friday 31st January. An attendance schedule that allocates preferred attendance times has been developed in order to accommodate the large number of Beneficiaries who are expected to be present at the Seminars.  Lists indicating times and names is expected to be posted in the Civic Centre on or before Wednesday 22nd January.


The arrangements to conduct this series of Banking Information Seminars have been made jointly by the Steering Committee working with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank to establish a branch of the Bank in Nauru, the Banking Project team as well as the Trustees of NPRT.


Beneficiaries have been asked to complete a special disbursement authority form to direct payment of their entitlement as all distributions will be paid by cheque or by lodgement to a bank account in the name of the Beneficiary.


The various options for payment will be explained to Beneficiaries at the Seminars and they will have the opportunity to open accounts with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited if they so wish. Representatives of the Bank will be at the seminars to assist Beneficiaries to open accounts and to satisfy any questions that might be asked in relation to other banking products.


Those beneficiaries that have existing banking arrangements will be able to direct payment to their existing accounts.  Nominated accounts must be in the same name as the Beneficiary; nominations to third party accounts will not be accepted by the Trustees.


The Ronwan Disbursement Authority Form (RDAF) has been made available for collection from the NRO as well as the Office of the Trust (NPRT) in the Civic Centre.  Outside of Nauru the form can be collected from the Melbourne Office of the Trust or from any Nauruan Consular office.


The completed form must be returned to the NPRT office Nauru by Wednesday 22 January. The Trustees take no responsibility for any delay in payment due to the incorrect completion of the disbursement authority form.


Beneficiaries are also advised that representatives of the Steering Committee for the proposed establishment of the Community Bank branch of Bendigo and Adelaide bank will be at the seminars to explain the structure of a Community Bank and to answer any questions that Beneficiaries might have.


A special seminar will also be arranged for people who are not Beneficiaries of the Trust but who might wish to open accounts with the Bank. Details of this Seminar will be advised at a later date.


Any queries relating to the RDAF form or Ronwan payments can be addressed to the NPRT Nauru office.


Any queries relating to the seminars or Bendigo and Adelaide bank can be addressed to the Finance Department, Government Offices at Yaren District.