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His Excellency President Lionel Aingimea


Monday, 8 June 2020



President Lionel Aingimea advised in this week's situational update that 169 people are currently in quarantine, including five at the Remand Centre.


The passengers from the two repatriation flights from Fiji last week will undergo lab testing for coronavirus today and Wednesday.


The staff of service provider Canstruct, have opted to maintain Australia's recommended two weeks quarantine which is due to end this Friday. However, they will still undergo lab testing on island.


There was an incident on the weekend where five Fijian nurses breached security and distancing rules at the Meneñ Hotel quarantine residence. One day after arriving in quarantine, two nurses who were already on island visited three of their colleagues in quarantine. They met at the back of the quarantine facility where it is single fenced and made contact through the fencing.


All five nurses were subsequently taken by police to the Remand Centre and have been ordered by the Court to be detained for 14 days.


President Aingimea says rules are there to protect everyone in residence as well as those in the community from the possible threat and spread of coronavirus in Nauru.


While the situation in Nauru and the region looks to be under control, the President said there is still a risk with people arriving into Nauru and therefore we must not be complacent and be foolish in our actions that might harm the community.


The National Disaster Risk Management Regulations provide for penalties for the security firm for failing to do its job to protect the perimeter from breaches, as well as penalties for individuals breaching security and other rules at the residences and Remand Centre.


Every resident in quarantine is briefed and fully informed of the rules, individual responsibilities and penalties.


Visiting hours at all quarantine residences are from 8am to 8pm daily, and a double-fenced area is allocated for all visitors. Security posts are positioned at the front entrances for visitors to enquire and bring food and other items to family and friends in quarantine.


In other air and sea movements, another passenger flight is due from Brisbane this Friday 12 June, and the normal freighter services will resume for Fridays and Saturdays. The Australian government will also operate a charter flight this week. In shipping news the phosphate ship is due on 15 June, the cargo ship Capitaine Quiros is due back on 27 June, and the fuel tanker will arrive on 20 July.


Construction and outfitting work continues at the hospital's acute block while additional land is being looked at to provide space for hospital stores and warehouse.


President Aingimea thanks donor partners for their continued support in providing financial support as well as equipment and medical supplies for Nauru during coronavirus.


On Sunday 7 June, the World Health Organisation recorded close to 6.8 million confirmed cases and 397,388 deaths.


Regionally, Fiji is now coronavirus-free after having cleared the last three cases. However the Fiji government continues to monitor the situation.


Nauru remains COVID-19 free.




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Nauru Government Information Office, Republic of NAURU

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