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Government Information Office




His Excellency President Lionel Aingimea


Monday, 23 June 2020



In this week's media update on coronavirus, President Lionel Aingimea says Nauru remains coronavirus-free owing to measures put in place to protect Nauru since the start of the declaration of the global pandemic.


The government continues to monitor global trends and measures taken by the medical community and other countries in how they manage their borders and in-country.


The President said the state of Victoria in Australia has had a spike in cases again prompting a return to border closures and some restrictions, while Fiji has reportedly reopened its borders for Kiribati, Tuvalu and Tonga. The Nauru government is looking at the possibility of Fiji opening borders for Nauru also; however the President says this is a decision for Fiji as they reopen their border to countries that their national airline flies to.


Currently, there are 21 Canstruct workers in quarantine at the Anibare Village this week. At their request they will remain in quarantine for 14 days which is due to end this Friday. Before leaving quarantine they will be tested for coronavirus on Thursday by Nauru health.


The last two repatriation flights from Fiji, 2 and 5 June, completed the Nauru government-recommended five days quarantine before a coronavirus test was done on each passenger. Everyone returned a negative test result and were subsequently released from quarantine.


President Aingimea again thanks the health team for their great work.


As previously updated, there have been cases of security breaches at the quarantine sites and they have since been charged with penalties under the COVID-19 regulations.


The public is reminded of the strict rules in place and the penalties that come with flouting quarantine rules.


If you visit a person at a quarantine facility, you may ask security for assistance or guidance on visitation protocols.


The Nauru health team continues to work hard in keeping the community safe and prepared for coronavirus while they also continue their other community programs such as the trachoma treatment and education program.


In the meantime, construction work at the hospital is on track while other areas of focus such as the oxygen plant, recompression chamber and purchase of ventilator machines are all being looked at and prioritised, and ambulances are being repaired to ensure they are in good working condition.


Nauru National Emergency Services is finalising the details and plans for the second emergency drill. The public will be advised once this information is final.


Meanwhile, Eigigu Solutions Corporation (ESC) who manages the government's quarantine facilities planned and carried out a drill at the Budapest hotel on Monday.


Like all drills - this is practice and is to ensure the staff such as security and housekeeping, are prepared for any incident that might happen.

On behalf of the government, President Aingimea thanks the community for their continued support and understanding during this pandemic.


Let's keep Nauru coronavirus-free









Visiting hours at quarantine residences are 8am-8pm daily.

A double-fenced area at all sites is allocated for visitors.




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Nauru Government Information Office, Republic of NAURU

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